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Events and Workshops

Upcoming Events:

1. Friday Fryums- Break Free from Debt The objective of the session will be to touch base upon the most common misconceptions regarding borrowing and repayment with regards to credit cards/Personal Loans/Home Loans.
To provide an insight on the credit scoring procedure and its importance. Plan of action for a debt free future.

Past Events:

1. Friday Fryums: “Friday Fryums” is a fortnightly event organised by One Life Academy, on Friday evenings to help One & All, Hone their Life Skills (Professional Development and beyond).

2. 5 Ways to Set Goals & be Successful !:What are the secrets of the most Successful & Rich people? Do you want to become one? Are you looking for a ‘Life Blue Print’ from a Certified Coach?

3. Unleash the Power Of Social Media!:Learn How To Tap Into The Potential Of Social Media To Boost Your Brand, Increase Your Influence, and Generate More Leads… Easily !
Unique training that will help you find the treasure buried in the vast ocean, known as ‘Social Media’.
This amazing One Day Workshop / Group Coaching Session is exclusively designed for the ones obsessed to turn their Fantasies into Realities.

4. The Success Make Over 2-Day bootcamp:The Success Makeover is an event that allow entrepreneurs to come together and explore key topics that are essential to achieve greater success and happiness in all areas of life. Unlike many training, TSM is not focused on imparting ‘more content’, it is ‘space’ for entrepreneurs to explore themes they might have already been exposed to, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to dive deep into core topics, to share their perspective and their personal relationship to certain topics.


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