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Executive Coaching

At One Life Academy we believe in doing things differently and more so in SMART way.

Knowing the destination and having a perfect plan in place to destination is the methodology used by most successful people and organisations. Our decades of research helped us devise a unique Coaching Methodology based on the best Coaching models used worldwide.

At One Life Academy, the first step is to help coachee know their Personality Type, Discover their strengths leveraging the best tools ever known.

OLA’s Unique Executive Coaching

In today’s flat world, organisations fail to hold leaders accountable sometimes for not living the values. This invites corporate cynicism, undermines credibility, and can sap organisations of their vitality.

If leaders really practice what is preached, achieving the larger objective of change becomes easier. Walk the Talk is the need of the hour. By identifying specific behaviour to improve and choosing concrete methods of change, the leader can inspire positive and measurable behaviour improvement.

Our OLAExecCoaching program enables you as a leader and your colleagues to become more effective leaders. Our Corp Team Building programs help your teams experience and celebrate the power of cohesion through outbound learnings besides the in house trainings. Our  programs empower you to discover your strengths through StrenghtFinder from Gallup’s , you’re your personality Type ( MBTI*) leverage them to live life in ways that are more meaningful.

Through OLAExecCoaching, we challenge our coachee to think out of the box, make them think through in a way that they would not have thought of left to themselves.

Benefits of OLAExecCoaching :

• Understand why it is so difficult and also appreciate the importance.
• Be ready to develop oneself as a leader. 
• Understand how to apply a proven coaching methodology.
• Practice ‘SMART way of Team Building leveraging the Pereto principles of Law of Least Efforts.

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