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Image Management

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What is Image Consulting?

Image consulting is the process of empowering clients to reflect or project the confidence and competence that comes from an authentic, appropriate and attractive appearance for any personal, social or professional situation — to dress with substance and style.

It deals with educating, coaching, guiding and mentoring people by applying the art and science of image management and helping them lead a happier, more meaningful and successful life.
An image consultant brings together the multiple facets of fashion design, styling, beauty, grooming, weight management, etiquette and body language, soft skills, and more to project an authentic and appealing image while incorporating the client’s personal style, goals and budget.

Image consulting involves active learning about the client and a detailed inventory of the client’s image. The consultant identifies the strengths to be accentuated and weaknesses to be minimized. It then involves working through the Image Management framework with the important elements – clothing, grooming practices, body language and etiquette and vocal communication to create the right image unique to the client.


Aspects of Image Consulting

Image Consulting takes a comprehensive approach, involving all the aspects of image that result in people’s projection of themselves, beginning with the inner image to the outward appearance.

It uses the Psychological, Social, Physical and Artistic aspects that emerge from the person’s characteristics while incorporating their Personal Style and managing the entire process through optimal Wardrobe Management, coaching in Grooming, Body Language & Etiquette and effective Vocal Communication.


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