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Professional Development Workshop

Professional development isn’t a one-time thing; it should be a continuous part of your project management career. Make it a priority to assess and improve your skill set, and you’ll increase your value to your organization and enhance your future career prospects.


Professional development courses from PMI help you develop those skills so you can be better prepared for the next step in your career.
Maybe you are skilled in using charts and applying processes, but can improve in your ability to influence others. Or perhaps you excel at traditional project management, but could benefit from some new methods to increase your project versatility. Whatever your skill level, PMI can help you become a world-class project professional.

If your employer or supervisor is one of the 75% who believe in developing their employees' keys skills, then they already understand how important it is to invest in their employees and, by extension, their company.
If your employer or supervisor needs more convincing, we've prepared an e-mail/letter template you can download and customize before sending to your supervisor for approval.

We are pioneers in the field of Professional Development and provide a platform to learn, what is NOT taught by academicians. We at OLA focus on Life Skills which our schools, colleges and for that matter universities do not cover during formal education. We help you be Life Ready.

Suresh, Company Director

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