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Group Coaching

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Group coaching is effective when we have a group working towards a single focussed goal.  The Coach acts as the facilitator to build trust and rapport within the group.  Insights are shared by each participant and is beneficial to all.  Through group coaching, we can create highly focussed teams, intent on learning and growing together. We find that the fears holding us back can be overcome with group support. Self-confidence increases and members feel they can achieve much more as a team. 

I usually conduct my coaching sessions online so we can see each other.  At the end of each call, you will get the list of action points agreed upon by you.  Some clients like follow-up messages, others prefer to work at their own pace.  However, they all ensure to complete the ‘homework’ before the next session.  They are held accountable and that is a powerful incentive to overcome procrastination and low self-confidence.


Individual Coaching

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. – Robin Sharma

Do you want to change your life but feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and feel there are too many things to do at the same time?

Working with a coach can help you get a handle on things. As your confidence coach, I will be your accountability partner. We will go through the challenges you are facing and how you are feeling as a result.  Whatever you tell me is totally confidential.  I will be your safe spot, your anchor, as we work together to learn how to build deep levels of self-confidence.  Through our partnership, you will set your life goals.  We will break it down to achievable bits for which I will hold you accountable.  I believe that each of us is capable of so much more and operating from deep self-confidence is the right springboard to success.

My clients are from diverse backgrounds.  I work with home-makers, young professionals, executives and entrepreneurs. A minimum 6 months commitment is required so the positive changes which occur then become habits.  What binds them together is their desire to succeed, to make better decisions, to act from deep self-belief in their capabilities. 


In short, to live life with a tank overflowing with self-confidence! 



Confidence Success Blueprint

This flagship program uses 6 Steps to build and maintain deep levels of confidence. This program is scheduled to start in mid January and will continue for 12 weeks. These will be live weekly sessions.

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Self-confidence tends to dip when

  1. There is the prospect of change or change itself

  2. There is perceived loss of face in front of peers

  3. When we feel overwhelmed with all the tasks, roles and obligations of work and family life

The Confidence Success Blueprint addresses the following:


  1. The reasons for low self-confidence and action paralysis

  2. The fears we have and how to face them

  3. Using processes and tools to build self-confidence and making it a daily routine

  4. Getting clarity on what we want in our life and career

  5. Setting our life goals with self-confidence

  6. Creating the roadmap for action

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Frequently asked questions

What is it?

It is a 12-week group coaching program with limited members. You can register using the link given below. Registration Link

What happens in this program?

We follow a 6 Step Blueprint. We learn goal-setting and set personal goals to achieve. We meet week on week to work through the 6 Step Blueprint then move onto executing our action plans. As a member works through his/her fears and challenges, they are supported and encouraged to use the processes and tools learnt in the 6 Step Blueprint.

Who can apply to this program?

This program will benefit executives, employees, entrepreneurs and home-makers. Anyone who wants to grow in their career, make a change in role or vertical. This will also help professionals who are feeling overwhelmed with their various roles, tasks and obligations at home and at work.

I’m interested. Where do I apply?

Simple and easy. Please fill up this form to apply.



My experience working with Chimmu was invaluable. She is an excellent listener and possesses great skill as a coach to support and guide you towards your desired outcomes.

She kept me accountable by assigning small tasks in which I had to practice using different tools in specific situations.

She's approachable, flexible, patient and encouraging.

Shiv Sharma 

AVP - Digital Data Solutions


I have been wanting to accomplish a lot in my field of D, E & I Consulting, where my special focus is on the LGBTQIA community. Having a lot on my mind and on my plate, i didn't know where to start and every goal seemed uphill and unachievable. 

Thanks to Chimmu's breaking down of goals into weekly and easily achievable tasks, gentle, yet persistent nudges and clarity of thought, i finally feel like i am accomplishing my targets.


Her coaching is like the focussed but easy-going and comfortable shepherding that we all need from time-to-time to get from where we are to where we ought to get.

Ms. Delshad,



My coach DTM Chimmu kutty is a fantastic person. She is the sweetest and very encouraging person I have ever met. She always motivates the other person that you can do it. She makes difficult things very simple. She always encouraged me that I can do it. I am really grateful to her for her positive vibes. Her charisma and her USP is her positive talks which surrounds her every time.  I am really fortunate to have her as my coach.


She helped me to deal with language usage, how effectively I can use my words and made it very easier for me. She also boosted my morale and gave me confidence to talk in front of others confidently. She always advised me to take part no matter whatever happens and to deal with the situation confidently. I admire her for being so humble despite her being double DTM. I am privileged to meet her. I have never met a person so clear with her ambition and with what we need to do. Her aura is quite different. She takes every person to a different level.


I am feeling blessed to meet her and lucky to gain the knowledge and skills which she enhanced and moulded me. She is an excellent confidence booster. Highly recommend taking her as a coach. I am glad I met her. 

Reecha Jain,



Chimmu has been instrumental in shaping up my leadership journey as a confidence coach. I was fortunate to be able to work under her guidance and learn so much from her diverse experiences. With her amazing listening and communication skills, she made me approach the problems from a different perspective which evolved me as an individual and prepared me to take on the challenges more confidently.


There were several occasions when I felt I was lost amidst problems and, there she was boosting my confidence and making sure that I handle them right. She is a phenomenal leader, a confidence multiplier and a wonderful human being, I am so lucky to have known her professionally and personally.

Jagriti Pandey,

Senior Cyber Security Specialist