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Group Coaching Program, tailored for Freelancers, Solopreneurs, and Small Business Owners to Transform Your Entrepreneurial Journey
Easily, Efficiently, and Effortlessly!

Discover the proven strategies and mindsets that drive entrepreneurial success.
SSI is your gateway to 10X business results and helps with massive profits.

Course Highlights:

  • Deep insights into the entrepreneurship mindset.

  • Mastery in agile business performance.

  • Leverage both internal and external resources for maximum output.

  • Introduction to the SMARTER Implementation SYSTEM.

  • Practical applications of AI & ChatGPT for enhanced learning experiences.

  • Peer-to-peer learning for comprehensive understanding

About Suresh Babu

Meet Suresh Babu, an Internationally Certified Performance Coach from Gallup, USA with three decades of unparalleled experience.

A futurist, serial entrepreneur, and a devoted professional, he's committed to help entrepreneurs leverage "SMARTER Implementation SYSTEMS," and innovative tools, and cutting-edge technology to propel your success.

Why Choose Sure Success Intensive?

  • Affordable Excellence: Experience world-class group coaching at a fraction of one-on-one coaching costs. 

  • Virtual Yet Visceral: Merge the convenience of virtual learning with the tangible outcomes of intensive coaching.

  • Reflect, Introspect, Retrospect: Harness the power of self-evaluation, a crucial yet overlooked tool in the entrepreneur's arsenal.

  • Moulding Mindsets: Dive deep into the psychology of success and foster a resilient, result-oriented mindset.

  • Actionable Plans: Move from brainstorming sessions to structured, 90-day actionable plans. Breathe life into your ideas.

  • SMARTER Implementation: Navigate your journey with our nine-block framework, ensuring every step you take is precise and impactful.

Who is this for?

  • Solopreneurs

  • Freelancers

  • Womenpreneurs

  • Small business owners &

  • Ambitious and Optimistic individuals.


Highly recommend to go for this session and do  not think twice.


This 10 hr. session caters to professional and non-professional  in all aspects of life to get swap the procrastination into achievable goals and make you fish in the pond on your own.

Best part is the community that you get associated worth who are ready to walk the talk in all spheres beyond the session.

- Pallavi Ray

“It can be a turning point for aspiring start ups/self employed/ established entrepreneurs. The experience and the body of work that Suresh has behind him is immensely valuable. I recommend. Cheers ! –

Rajeswari K.G

Suresh, it was a delight to participate in the 1st Sure Success Intensive Cohort.


Many actionable insights & learnings. Above all, your enthusiasm, experiential lived wisdom and integration from many thought leaders is evident. I have struggled deeply with Productivity and I look forward to implementing and shifting to a new orbit.

Your attention to the nitty-gritty ensures the shift.  God bless. 

- Kiran Gulrajani

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