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Your first step in the journey of Self Improvement.

Reach for new heights in your professional growth – enrol yourself for a world-class journey of experiential learning to empower your skills and qualities.

Welcome to OLA!

Formed in 2013, at One life academy we believe that learning about yourselves, your strengths, personality, Talents etc is what helps you succeed.


We stand by our moto ~ "to Enable & Empower people, live life of fulfilment, by enhancing their performance multifold, Easily, Effortlessly and Efficiently

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One Life Academy works with Leaders and people managers at organizations ranging from non-profit to Fortune 100

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Assessments help the coach have a better understanding of their clients. They also provide greater self-insight and self-awareness to coachees. Assessments help clients organize their self-perceptions and create actionable goals with a more complete understanding of themselves.

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Coaching & Trainings


Leadership Workshops

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Ownership and Accountability Workshops


Team Coaching

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Live Online Trainings

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CXO Coaching


Coaching and coach come with experience, coach is the one who drives the best out of an individual. With out a coach no one would have seen what Sachin Tendulkar is, Why Virat Kohli is that what we see, we cheer, they are able to achieve the status in sport it is because of their coaches.


A Coach himself doesn’t play the game but ensures that the students never looses the Game, He is a guiding force, who guides through thick and thin of one’s career. I have one such coach in my journey as a Trainer, the very first thing he suggested after our meeting has started giving results in 2-3 weeks, few more sessions and I will ensure I am abke to get the cash ticking in. I am thankful to my coach Suresh Babu, his rock solid experience in the field of coaching is definitely going to help in my journey ahead.


I suggest everyone should have a coach to become Virat / Sachin on your chosen field.

My gratitude to my coach Suresh Babu. 

- Bhatanagar

Sales and EI Trainer

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Help us to know your requirement

Scope Definition. Optimized solutions. Budgetary cost.

We help you to function better.

We do requirement study, define objective, generate scope statement, propose methodology with possible solutions, for your engineering needs even prior to project offloading, so you can make the right decision.

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