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Beat Procrastination Before Procrastination Beats You

Friday 24th February 2023 at 7 PM

Welcome to our Intense, Interactive and High Energy Live Session "Beat Procrastination Before Procrastination Beats You!" conducted Online by Internationally Certified Performance Coach and Master Trainer Suresh Babu.

It is and a must for those who find themselves Procrastinating & find some tasks Tedious than others.

Join Us in the process of self betterment. 

5 Questions we will help you with:

Climbing Rope

What are my Strengths & how do I Utilize them?

Railroad workers

Is working SMART really better than working Hard?

Rs. 1,400/-

Now or Never Special Offer for February 2023! 
Get over 85% off!
Register Today at just Rs.199


Suresh Babu S

Trainer & Coach

An Internationally Certified Performance Coach and Master Trainer.

With over 10 years Experience as a Trainer, Suresh has Helped Thousands of people all over the world live better With his mission to Enable and Empower people live life of fulfillment Easily, Efficiently and Effortlessly, he has specially curated this 90 minutes Live program to help people everywhere be better with their Executing their plans.

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